Tom L., from Denver Colorado.

“My photo safari to Tanzania last April was fabulous, and I want thank our drivers with Africa Nature Photography & Safaris – Anglebert and Francis – for taking thoughtful care of all of the details.  If luck favors the prepared, then these two safari guides were able to not only provide for a “gameful” itinerary but comfortable lodging, great food, superb commentary on mammals, birds, and wildlife behavior and identification.  They were clearly attuned to photographers’ needs, and took advantage of lighting to position our vehicles to best capture the scene before us or even to anticipate where they needed to be to assure that we had the optimal chance of seeing and capturing whatever was unfolding.  My heartfelt thanks goes out to both of them, along with my gratitude for granting that my pre-trip wish came true – to see a Caracal – not once, but thrice!”

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