Janice W, Pleasanton, CA

“If you want a once in a lifetime experience on a safari to Tanzania, Africa, then ANP is your best choice. I went with award-winning Russ Burden Photography workshop in April 2017.  Africa Nature Photography & Safaris was the tour company Russ hired for our 14 days trip. What a great choice! The owner, Anglebert, is not only an expert on animals’ behavior and finding animals including the big five, he also has good understanding of photography. He always finds the best angles and spots to shoot. He and his business partner, Francis, made a great team. We had a such fun trip with them. I still remember the lions that were running around our jeeps, cheetahs jumped on our cars (3 times), the lodges they arranged are so beautiful, and we loved the food too. At the end of trip, everyone has a lots of amazing photos. Africa Nature Photography & Safaris will be my only choice if I am going to Tanzania again.”

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