Mary Hulett

“Our trip with Africa Nature Photography Tours was the best photo tour ever. ANP staff couldn’t have done a better job at finding animals for us to photograph. They worked very hard day and night to make sure we had the best experience. The vehicles were outfitted with all the things we needed to make sure our day out in the bush was special. They made sure we had excellent accommodations to get us closer to the game drives. Everything was thoughtfully planned to make this a trip of a lifetime. Anglebert and Tom’s ability to spot animals was incredible, no matter how small or elusive the animals might be. I highly recommend this company and I wouldn’t go with anyone else.”

Brad S. from North Dakota

Great Photo Safari

“I have had the pleasure and good fortune to have Anglebert as a guide on four photo safaris.  Anglebert is the consummate guide.  He is there for you to take in all the wonders of Tanzania and to put you in situations where you have the opportunity to take great photos. I highly recommend Anglebert as a guide but even more so as a very special person to know.”

Tom L., from Denver Colorado.

photo safari to Tanzania

“My photo safari to Tanzania last April was fabulous, and I want thank our drivers with Africa Nature Photography & Safaris – Anglebert and Francis – for taking thoughtful care of all of the details.  If luck favors the prepared, then these two safari guides were able to not only provide for a “gameful” itinerary but comfortable lodging, great food, superb commentary on mammals, birds, and wildlife behavior and identification.  They were clearly attuned to photographers’ needs, and took advantage of lighting to position our vehicles to best capture the scene before us or even to anticipate where they needed to be to assure that we had the optimal chance of seeing and capturing whatever was unfolding.  My heartfelt thanks goes out to both of them, along with my gratitude for granting that my pre-trip wish came true – to see a Caracal – not once, but thrice!”

Steve G. from Denver CO

Photographing Wildlife

“I have been photographing wildlife in east and south Africa for more than twenty-five years, and will say unequivocally that Anglebert is the best driver-guide I have ever traveled with.  He has an uncanny ability to find stuff that other accomplished guides miss completely and,

Steve G. from California

Ultimate Professional Photo

“Anglebert is an ultimate professional photo tour guide and driver. I have been on two photo safaris with him and I’m coming back for a third. Anglebert has extreme knowledge of animal behavior and what it takes to position his vehicle to allow us photographers to capture

Barbara H. from North Carolina


“Anglebert’s love for Africa comes through in his guiding where his knowledge and experience with the area and the animals gives him an understanding of their behavior which is so important in knowing where to find them.  He asked me,  what do you want to see, and I replied “a leopard in a tree stretched out on a branch with his tail hanging down”.  Later, we went out for an evening drive and he pulled over and quietly said,  “there’s your leopard”.  He cares that everyone is having a good time, learning about the wildlife and getting the images they want.”

Casey M. from Colorado

Expert Guide

“Anglebert’s intimate knowledge of the landscape, the animals and their behaviors is unsurpassed. He is the Siri of the Serengeti with an uncanny ability to be at the right place at the right time.  Tanzania was the experience of a lifetime, and I’m so grateful that I was able to share it with an expert guide like Anglebert.”
Casey M. from Colorado

Randy and Becky F. Littleton, CO

True Professional

“Anglebert is a true professional with dedication and a deep love for the animals, environment and what he does.  His knowledge of the animals and their behavior is unsurpassed. He was a pleasure to work with. We would not go back to Africa with anyone else.

Lynn O. Bay Area

Great Adventure

“Anglebert provided us with a great adventure, not only spotting animals in the brush or up trees while we were driving but also at dusk and dawn.  He and his crew adapted quickly to our needs and requests for the best light and angles to photograph our quarry.  They identified the game, birds and plants, and had reference books in each vehicle and explained the behavior of the animals.  At camp, they assisted with our gear and kept us entertained with stories during meals.  We couldn’t have asked for better guides and friends.”

Janice W, Pleasanton, CA

Africa Nature Photography Safari

“If you want a once in a lifetime experience on a safari to Tanzania, Africa, then ANP is your best choice. I went with award-winning Russ Burden Photography workshop in April 2017.  Africa Nature Photography & Safaris was the tour company Russ hired for our 14 days trip. What a great choice! The owner, Anglebert, is not only an expert on animals’ behavior and finding animals including the big five, he also has good understanding of photography. He always finds the best angles and spots to shoot. He and his business partner, Francis, made a great team. We had a such fun trip with them. I still remember the lions that were running around our jeeps, cheetahs jumped on our cars (3 times), the lodges they arranged are so beautiful, and we loved the food too. At the end of trip, everyone has a lots of amazing photos. Africa Nature Photography & Safaris will be my only choice if I am going to Tanzania again.”